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Agroforestry in Uganda

Main subject area: The project will be conducted in collaboration with the AfPEC (Agroforestry for People, Ecosystems and Climate) project, which works with coffee agroforestry systems in Uganda.

Short project description

The overall aim is to document the effects of agroforestry in terms of ecosystem services and livelihood benefits and thereby the potential of agroforestry to fight the two major global crises, climate change and biodiversity loss, and at the same time sustain local communities. Find more information about the project here: https://afpec.info/ 

The master thesis must focus on one of the aspects that are part of the AfPEC project:

  1. To quantify the potential of agroforestry in terms of ecosystem services
  2. To identify livelihood benefits from agroforestry and key factors for long-term sustainable development
  3. Local needs in relation to agroforestry and ways to channel scientific knowledge on agroforestry into practice

More information about the project activities can be found here: https://afpec.info/workpackages/

Department and supervisor

Project start

Any time

Physical location of project and students work

Campus AU (Building 1120) as well as Makerere University and field localities in Uganda

Extent and type of project

60 ECTS: thesis including fieldwork in Uganda

30, 40 and 60 ECTS: theoretical, literature- or data-based thesis (without fieldwork)

Additional information

Good contacts in Uganda are ready to receive you for fieldwork.