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Stress in wheat production under global change

Main subject area: Photosynthesis, plant adaptation, global change, stress, climate, temperature

Short project description

Ongoing studies of wheat aim to select and predict plant performance under various climate change condition especially focusing on high temperature effects linked to water stress of the photosynthesis reaction of plants in different stages of development and whether high CO2 can make the plant less sensitive or whether combinations of stresses affect the plants differently using state of art technology to monitor plants reactions.

Department and supervisor

Project start

No specific time

Physical location of project and students work

Department of Food Science, Skejby

Extent and type of project

45 or 60 ECTS: Experimental theses in which the student is responsible for collection and analysis of his/her own original data.

Additional information

The Master student is linked to a group of scientists, technical staff and PhDs, thus the student will make the project in an international working team. The experimental work is linked to ongoing research using state of art equipment for physiological analysis of plant reactions.