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2020.10.09 | Grant, Research, Agro, DCA

New large centre on agricultural production and biodiversity

AU researchers receive a total of DKK 60 million kroner for a new 6-year-old centre called SustainScapes. The centre will work with research-based solutions on how biodiversity can be future-proofed in a changing climate and in a world with an ever-increasing need for resources. The Novo Nordisk Foundation provides the grant as part of the "Novo…

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2020.09.30 | Research, Agro, DCA

Plants can reduce nitrous oxide emissions from flooded grasslands

Nitrous oxide emissions increase significantly when grasslands are flooded repeatedly, according to new research from the Soil Biology Group, Wageningen University, and the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University. The researchers found that certain plant species can help mitigate nitrous oxide emissions in flooded grasslands.

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2020.09.30 | Research, Agro, DCA

The importance of climate change for productivity and water consumption in global croplands

Researchers from the Department of Agroecology at Aarhus University, in collaboration with researchers from China and Japan, have investigated how efficiently crops around the world use water as a resource for improved productivity and lower environmental impact in a future affected by climate change

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2020.09.30 | Research, Agro, DCA

Anti-resistance strategies are important in the fight against Septoria

Fungicide resistance in Septoria in winter wheat is spreading across Europe, and researchers from Aarhus University have found a pattern in the spread by examining samples from different northern European countries. Samples from Denmark and Sweden show that over the past approximately 10 years there has been a large increase in resistance to the…

Photo: Ingeborg Frøsig Pedersen

2020.09.28 | PhD defense, Agro

When the green solution is dirty

During her PhD studies, Ingeborg Frøsig Pedersen researched the mechanisms affecting plant availability of phosphorus in cattle slurry.

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