RustWatch is seeking wheat producers to answer a questionnaire to develop new rust information tools

What methods are used to control wheat rust, and what economic and social factors lead to these choices

The open field day in Changins in 2019

As the year 2020 will have shown, prevention and the correct application of protective measures are key elements for effective disease control. As far as wheat cultivation is concerned, rust causes considerable damage in some years. The RustWatch project looks at the methods used to control wheat rust, but also at the economic and social factors that lead to these choices.

RustWatch is therefore using a questionnaire, aimed at wheat producers throughout Europe, to determine the conditions and contexts for rust control. In this questionnaire, we are interested in the producers' point of view, their expectations, values and needs. It is only through their participation and testimonies that the project will be able to set up an early warning system that is relevant and adapted to each context.

RustWatch is waiting for your answers and therefore cordially invites you to participate in the questionnaire today.  Access to the questionnaire varies according to your country of residence:

RustWatch would like to thank you very much for your participation.