From workshop at INTIA, Navarra in 2019

06.04.2020 | RustWatch

Workshops continue as web meetings due to the Corona risk

RustWatch activities and regional aspects of early warning are discussed at six case study regions workshops

16.12.2019 | Research news

RustWatch workshop on MARPLE diagnostics brings together researchers from across Europe

Fourteen researchers from eight European countries came together at the John Innes Centre to attend a workshop providing training in genomics-based, pathogen diagnostic and surveillance techniques as part of the Horizon2020-funded RustWatch program

Yellow rust spores released when harvesting triticale for forage in the Huesca province, Spain. Source: Dolors Villegas, IRTA, Spain

28.05.2019 | Research news

Wheat rusts threaten European wheat production

Wheat rusts are causing serious damage across Europe this year. All three rusts (yellow rust, leaf rust and stem rust) are being reported by collaborators in the H2020 EU RustWatch project

Participants in the green house at GRRC

13.03.2019 | Research news

Experts gather to share and align results of rust phenotyping at the Global Rust Reference Center

The training course was a part of the H2020 RustWatch work programme

Figure 1. Recovery and diagnosis of samples of wheat stem rust in GRRC quarantine facilities. Photo by Mehran Patpour

05.02.2019 | RustWatch

Re-emergence of stem rust on wheat in Western Europe

In a commentary in Communication Biology, published 4th February 2019, scientists evaluate the risks of re-emergence of wheat stem rust in Europe. In general, the wheat rust “problems” in Europe have been addressed via multiple national initiatives, but in 2018, a new EU H2020 research and innovation program was launched, dealing with all three…

30.05.2018 | RustWatch

Developing a European early-warning system for wheat rust diseases

RustWatch kick-off meeting, Copenhagen 7-8 June, 2018


Mogens S. Hovmøller, Co-ordinator of RustWatch

Global Rust Reference Center, Aarhus University
Research Centre Flakkebjerg
Forsøgsvej 14200, Slagelse


Direct phone: +45 87158129

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About RustWatch

RustWatch will establish a stakeholder driven early-warning system to improve preparedness and resilience to emerging rust diseases on wheat, which is Europe’s largest agricultural crop. This is urgent because Europe in 2016 experienced the most severe epidemics of wheat stem rust for more than 50 years, and the pre-existing population of wheat yellow rust has been replaced by invasive races of non-European origin.

RustWatch will explore the drivers shaping the new European wheat rust populations, assess their impact on agricultural productivity in the context of IPM Directive 2009/128/EC, and finally develop research and communication infrastructures including stakeholder networks and existing global networks.

RustWatch provides beyond state-of-theart research within new diagnostic tools, enabling rapid and precise identification of new invasive races, and investigating the impact of virulence, aggressiveness and adaptation to warmer temperatures as drivers of pathogen spread and establishment. The research has potential for a break-through in the area of host resistance phenotyping, e.g., by going beyond the observation of disease and categorize resistance responses at the cellular level. This phenotyping is essential for utilizing the vast amount of genomic sequence information produced by new emerging breeding technologies.

The early warning system for prevention and control of rust diseases will become implemented via case studies in five regions. The case studies will aid in development and validation of the systems in collaboration with a wide array of stakeholder groups, involve agricultural advisers in disease surveillance and sampling for later diagnosis, and collect information about potential barriers in adopting the system.

RustWatch engages 12 universities/research institutes, 5 agricultural advisory services, and 7 SMEs/industries.

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The RustWatch project started in May, 2018

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 773311