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Understanding Agroecology - introduction

"Agroecology can best be described as an approach that integrates the ideas and methods of several subfields, rather than as a specific discipline."  - Altieri, 1995

By Chiara de Notaris, Saghar Motarjemi, Johannes (Jeroen) Pullens and Claudia Windeck

Agroecology is multifaceted, and it is difficult to find one fits all definition of the science. Here are a few suggestions showing the diversity of the term.

"(...) the interaction between plants, animals, humans and the environment within agroecosystems for the production of food, feed, energy, and biobased products." - Department of Agroecology, Aarhus University

Agroecology is a science where you look at the agroecosystem and how the ecosystems is effected be agricultural practices.

It is a science dealing with agricultural land and how nutrients, plants, animals, and all kinds of ecology works in farming land.

In a series of short videos, we will try to understand by exploring the world of agroecology - don't miss the next video!

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