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Brita Dahl Jensen



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Brita Dahl Jensen


  • Plantepatologi
  • Planteforædling
  • Plantegenetiske ressourcer




Work experience

International private and public (university) seed sector experience related to plant genetic resources and breeding, plant and seed health: 

Product manager, export/researcher in seed company Dæhnfeldt (10 years). Assistant/associate professor, University of Copenhagen (10 years). Assistant professor, Aarhus University (3 years). Consultacies and activities in developing countries, also related to above positions (around 5 years). 

Scientific, peer reviewed publications

My publications are related to plant genetic resources, breeding, and plant health. Abstract and some papers accessible on: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Brita_Jensen 


   Experience with research in the field and lab related to participatory surveys, field trials and molecular studies (DNA based markers) with focus on breeding / diversity of plant genetic resources (SSR markers), plant pathogens (QPCR, sequencing) and disease resistance screening, documented by publications. At present involved in tissue culture and transformation techniques (CRISPR) to assist plant breeding.


Teaching in the classroom and laboratory, student supervision (MSc, PhD).


Curriculum development: 

Nordic MSc programme in Plant Pathology, NorPath 2008.


Experience from developing countries 

Danida research project activities with collaborators in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mali, Mozambique and Nepal (surveys and on-site field studies); Consultancies for instance to develop seed certification schemes (MinAgri, Rwanda), and training of seed sector participants from Asia and Africa in breeding and seed production (Svalöf Consulting, Sri Lanka). Altogether around 5 years abroad on these assignments with 3 years in Africa. 

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