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About DanSeed

Welcome to DanSeed – Centre for Seed Science and Technology

DanSeed is a centre, which has been established to stimulate close cooperation between seed industry, educational and research institutions and other partners in the Danish seed industry. The centre was founded on the basis of a close cooperation between the University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University, the Danish Plant Directorate, and the Danish seed industry.

The vision of DanSeed is to develop and strengthen the knowledge base for Danish seed production and propagation, in a national industry that is among the most innovative and competitive in the world. Collaborating both nationally and internationally, the Centre will contribute to maintaining the Danish position and ensuring the continued expansion of the industry.

The Centre is focused on fostering national collaboration to develop the seed industry, encompassing the whole chain from plant breeding to seed production, processing, quality control, and distribution. It includes the seeds and propagation material used by agriculture, horticulture and forestry to produce food, animal feed, fiber, fuels and for recreational purposes - all areas where quality is of prime importance. The Centre aims to achieve a close linkage and synergy between innovation, research, development, teaching, and other channels for knowledge communication within seed science and technology. It brings together and coordinates ongoing activities and will stimulate new initiatives to promote and benefit the Danish seed industry.

Best regards and see you

Birte Boelt, chairman, DanSeed
Aarhus University