First report of Ug99 Wheat Stem Rust (Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici) in South Asia - GRRC lab report and recommendations – 28/03/2024 /

Mehran Patpour, Annemarie F. Justesen and Mogens S. Hovmøller In collaboration with Dave Hodson (CIMMYT), Suraj Baidya (organization), Dhruba Thapa (organization)

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Recombination in the wheat stem rust pathogen mediated by an indigenous barberry species in Spain

Rodriguez-Algaba, J., Villegas, D., Cantero-Martinex, C., Patpour, M., Berlin, A., Hovmøller, M. S., Jin, Y. & Justesen, A. F., 15 jan. 2024, I: Frontiers in Plant Science. 14, 132246, 1322406.

Global dispersal and diversity of rust fungi in the context of plant health

Hovmøller, M. S., Thach, T. & Justesen, A. F., feb. 2023, I: Current Opinion in Microbiology. 71, 6 s., 102243.

GRRC 2022 report of stem and yellow rust genotyping and race analyses

Hovmøller, M. S., Patpour, M., Rodriguez-Algaba, J., Thach, T., Sørensen, C. K., Justesen, A. F. & Hansen, J. G., maj 2023, GRRC - Global Rust Reference Center. 11 s.

Stem rust on barberry species in Europe: Host specificities and genetic diversity

Rodriguez-Algaba, J., Hovmøller, M. S., Schulz, P., Hansen, J. G., Lezáun, J. A., Joaquim, J., Randazzo, B., Czembor, P., Zemeca, L., Slikova, S., Hanzalová, A., Holdgate, S., Wilderspin, S., Mascher, F., Suffert, F., Leconte, M., Flath, K. & Justesen, A. F., sep. 2022, I: Frontiers in Genetics. 13, 988031.

Wheat Stem Rust Back in Europe: Diversity, Prevalence and Impact on Host Resistance

Patpour, M., Hovmøller, M. S., Rodriguez-Algaba, J., Randazzo, B., Villegas, D., Shamanin, V. P., Berlin, A., Flath, K., Czembor, P., Hanzalova, A., Slikova, S., Skolotneva, E. S., Jin, Y., Szabo, L., Meyer, K. J. G., Valade, R., Thach, T., Hansen, J. G. & Justesen, A. F., jun. 2022, I: Frontiers in Plant Science. 13, 17 s., 882440.

Temporal and spatial variability of fungal structures and host responses in an incompatible Rust-Wheat interaction / Sørensen, Chris K.; Labouriau, Rodrigo; Hovmøller, Mogens S.I: Frontiers in Plant Science, vol 8, 484, 

Assessment of Aggressiveness of Puccinia striiformis on Wheat / Sørensen, Chris Khadgi; Thach, Tine; Hovmøller, Mogens Støvring. Wheat Rust Diseases: Methods and Protocols. red. / Sambasivam Periyannan. Springer, 2017. s. 41-48.  Contribution to Book / anthology

Genetic diversity within and among aecia of the wheat rust fungus Puccinia striiformis on the alternate host Berberis vulgaris / Rodriguez Algaba, Julian; Sørensen, Chris Khadgi; Labouriau, Rodrigo; Justesen, Annemarie Fejer; Hovmøller, Mogens Støvring. I: Fungal Biology, Bind 121, Nr. 6-7, 2017, s. 541-549.

Race Typing of Puccinia striiformis on Wheat / Hovmøller, Mogens Støvring; Rodriguez Algaba, Julian; Thach, Tine; Sørensen, Chris Khadgi. Wheat Rust Diseases: Methods and Protocols. red. / Sambasivam Periyannan. Springer, 2017. p. 29-40. Contribution to Book / anthology

First Report of Virulence to Sr25 in Race TKTTF of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici Causing Stem Rust on Wheat / Patpour, Mehran; Hovmøller, Mogens Støvring; Hodson, D.

In: Plant Disease, vol 101, No. 9, 09.2017, p. 1678-1678.

Yellow Rust Epidemics Worldwide Were Caused by Pathogen Races from Divergent Genetic Lineages. / Ali, Sajid; Rodriguez Algaba, Julian; Thach, Tine; Sørensen, Chris K.; Hansen, Jens G.; Lassen, Poul; Nazari, Kumarse; Hodson, David P.; Justesen, Annemarie Fejer; Hovmøller, Mogens S.

In: Frontiers in Plant Science, vol 8, 1057, 06.2017.

doi: 10.3389/fpls.2017.01057

Emergence of virulence to SrTmp in the Ug99 race group of wheat stem rust, Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici, in Africa. / Patpour, M.; Hovmøller, M. S.; Justesen, A. F.; Newcomb, M.; Olivera, P.; Jin, Y.; Szabo, J.; Hodson, D.; Shahin, A. A.; Wanyera, R.; Habarurema, I.; Wobibi, S.

In: Plant Disease, 2016 February 2016, Volume 100, Number 2 Page 522.


Worldwide population structure of the wheat rust fungus Puccinia striiformis in the past. / Thach, Tine; Ali, Sajid; de Vallavieille-Pope, C; Justesen, Annemarie Fejer; Hovmøller, Mogens Støvring.

In: Fungal Genetics and Biology, Vol. 87, 2016, p. 1-8.

Doi: 10.1016/j.fgb.2015.12.014

Evaluation of Spray and Point Inoculation Methods for the Phenotyping of Puccinia striiformis on Wheat / Chris K. Sørensen, Tine Thach, and Mogens S. Hovmøller

In: Plant Disease, June 2016, Volume 100, Number 6, Pages 1064-1070

doi: 10.1094/PDIS-12-15-1477-RE

Replacement of the European wheat yellow rust population by new races from centre of diversity in the near-Himalayan region. / Hovmøller, Mogens Støvring; Walter, Stephanie; Bayles, Rosemary A; Hubbard, Amelia; Flath, K; Sommerfeldt, N; Leconte, M; Czembor, P; Rodriguez Algaba, Julian; Thach, Tine; Hansen, Jens Grønbech; Lassen, Poul; Justesen, Annemarie Fejer; Ali, Sajid; de Vallavielle-Pope, C.

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Molecular markers for tracking the origin and worldwide distribution of invasive strains of Puccinia striiformis / Walter, S., Ali, S., Kemen, E., Nazari, K., Bahri, B. A., Enjalbert, J., Hansen, J. G., Brown, J. K.M., Sicheritz-Pontén, T., Jones, J., de Vallavieille-Pope, C., Hovmøller, M. S. and Justesen, A. F. (2016).

In: Ecology &  Evolution March 2016.


Recovery and virulence phenotyping of the historic ‘Stubbs collection’ of the yellow rust fungus Puccinia striiformis from wheat / Thach, T., Ali, S., Justesen, A.F., Rodriguez-Algaba, J. and Hovmøller, M.S.

In: Annals of Applied Biology, (2015) 167: 314–326.

doi: 10.1111/aab.12227.

Sexual  structures and  recombination of the  wheat rust fungus Puccinia striiformis  on Berberis vulgaris /Julian Rodriguez-Algaba, Stephanie Walter, Chris K. Sørensen, Mogens S. Hovmøller, Annemarie F. Justesen

in: Fungal Genetics and Biology 70 (2014) 77–85

doi: 10.1016/j.fgb.2014.07.005

Origin, Migration Routes and Worldwide Population Genetic Structure of the Wheat Yellow Rust Pathogen Puccinia striiformis f.sp. tritici / Sajid Ali, Pierre Gladieux, Marc Leconte, Angelique Gautier,  Annemarie F. Justesen, Mogens  S. Hovmøller, Jerome Enjalbert, Claude de Vallavieille-Pope

In: PLoS Pathog 2014, 10(1): e1003903.

doi: 10.1371/journal.ppat.1003903

New races of Puccinia striiformis found in Europe reveal race-specificity of long-term effective adult plant resistance in wheat  / Chris K. Sørensen, Mogens S. Hovmøller, Marc Leconte, Françoise Dedryver, and Claude de Vallavieille-Pope

In: Phytopathology 2014 October 2014, Volume 104, Number 10, 1042-1051

doi: 10.1094/PHYTO-12-13-0337-R

Rust Fungi Forming Aecia on Berberis spp. in Sweden / Berlin, A.; Kyaschenko, J.; Justesen, A. F.; and Yuen, J.

In: Plant Dis. 2013, 97:1281-1287

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Diversity of Puccinia striiformis on Cereals and Grasses / Hovmøller Mogens S; Sørensen, Chris K.;
Walter, Stephanie and Justesen, Annemarie F.

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The increased risk of global wheat rust pandemics: putting yellow rust into perspective / Hovmøller, Mogens Støvring.

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Evidence for Increased Aggressiveness in a Recent Widespread Strain of Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici Causing Stripe Rust of Wheat / Milus, Eugene A ; Kristensen, Kristian; Hovmøller, Mogens S.

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Application of pathogen surveys, disease nurseries and varietal resistance characteristics in an IPM approach for the control of wheat yellow rust. / Hovmøller, Mogens S ; Henriksen, Karen E.

In: European Journal of Plant Pathology, Vol. 121, No 3, 2008, p. 377-385.

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Tracking the Wheat Rust Pathogen /  Hodson, DP, Hansen, JG, Lassen P, Alemayehu Y, Arista J, Sonder K, Kosina P, Moncada P, Nazari K, Park RF, Pretorius ZA, Szabo LJ, Fetch T & Jin Y

In: Proceedings from BGRI technical meeting, Beijing, 2012, p. 11-22