Yellow Rust Tools - maps and charts

Below is link to different tools that analyse and display information about the historical and current distribution and importance of yellow rust genetic lineages and race phenotypes in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Use the link below the Screen dumps or, select from the menu to the left.

By February 2018, new maps and charts for data on genetic lineages were included for Yellow rust. For stem rust a minor part of race data were actually based on genotyping and many new data are in the pipeline for publication on maps and charts. Until the old data have been rearranged and new data have been finally quality controlled we decided to unhide the tools and services for stem rust data in the Wheat Rust Toolbox. There is a strong link between SSR genotypic and race phenotypic results as analysed at GRRC. Anyway, it is important to divide results into the two groups. e.g. all old European races belong now to the same genetic lineage PstS0. Read more about naming and terminologies here   



Virulence mapper

Virulence Frequency Map     Virulences on Single Locations

Disease Survey Mapper

Races - Changes across years

Virulences - Changes across years

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Importance of the three wheat Rusts