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WP1: Identification of effective alternatives. Lead: Isaac K. Abuley
The overriding ambition of WP1 is to: (1) identify and exploit alternative products able to control (a) downy mildew in onion and (b) STB in wheat; (2) ascertain the influence of adjuvants on the efficacy of alternative products; and (3) ascertain the model of activity alternative products. The results of WP 1 are the basis for the adaptation of existing DSS models development of sub-models (WP3) for optimizing the application of alternative products for controlling downy mildew.

WP2: Host resistance for control of downy mildew in onions. Lead: Isaac K. Abuley
Albeit shown to be a valuable tool for managing downy mildew, host resistance of the commonly grown varieties is poorly characterized. Thus, this WP aims to characterize the resistance of onion varieties for their resistance against downy mildew. Such resistance is critical for optimal integration of alternative products in IPM.

WP3: Adaptation of DSSs for optimal application of alternative products. Lead: Isaac K. Abuley
This WP aims to explore the potential of existing DSSs for optimizing the timing of alternative products for managing downy mildew (onion) and STB (wheat). We claim that the efficacy of alternative products, as components of a broader IPM program, can be optimized by their targeted application at critical stages in the disease cycle via the use of DSSs (i.e., DSSs).

WP4: Development and validation of IPM. Lead: Peter Hartvig
The overriding claim of this WP is that opportunities exist for alternative products only if they are integrated IPM programs. Specifically, this WP seeks to integrate the most promising alternative products (n = 4) (WP1), resistant variety (WP2), cultivar mixture and adapted DSS (WP3) into IPM strategy to control the target diseases: downy mildew (onion) and STB (wheat). The most promising alternatives will be formulated with the adjuvants (WP1) that are determined to be offer protection against adverse weather as well as enhance efficacy.

WP5: Project and data management, communication, and dissemination. Lead: Jens G. Hansen
WP5 aims to ensure effective management of the project management including organization of meetings and reports; (2) implement infrastructure for project management, reporting, communication, and dissemination; (3) Develop a FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) Data Management Plan (DMP) for the project; (4) Develop and implement a Plan for Exploitation and Dissemination of the Results (PEDR).