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The Julius Kühn Institute (JKI) is the Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants in Germany and an autonomous superior federal authority directly subordinated to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). The JKI is specialized in issues regarding genetics and breeding research and the cultivation, nutrition, protection and health of cultivated plants. The focus of our activities is healthy and productive cultivated plants. They are the first step towards food security and a growing bio-based economy and they are essential elements in our living environment. The work of the JKI is based on a dynamic foundation of basic and application-oriented research and on putting research results into practice.

Two of the seventeen Institutes are participating in Rustwatch. The Institute for Plant Protection in Field Crops and Grassland works on the evaluation of pesticides, the resilience of crops against certain diseases and the research of pesticide resistance development in connection with plant protection product use. The Institute for Strategies and Technology Assessment develops and tests concepts and management options for integrated crop cultivation and organic farming

Brandenbourg was appointed a Case Study Region in RustWatch and JKIs role is to coordinate and carry out activities in the region aiming at facilitating the interaction between stakeholders in the region and RustWatch acivities.

One major activity is to host and coordinate a yearly Case Study Region workshop and to organise open field days and other activities that promote the project, demonstrate outputs from the RustWatch project. Secondly to identify needs and ideas from stakeholders in the region that will feed directly into the activities and developments in RustWatch. 

In RustWatch we will facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge and technologies  between the 5 selected case study regions. Workpackage 3 will also accomplish a comparable case study describing and comparing innovative IPM strategies in each region. 

Contact Person:  Bettina Klocke , JKI e-mail:


Case Study Region Workshop, 2020. Presentations from the meeting

Time: 9 March 2020

Place:  Julius Kühn-Institut, Stahnsdorfer Damm81, 14532 Kleinmachnow

Topics and presenters:

Bettina Klocke and Kerstin Flath welcomed the participants at the Julius Kühn Institute and Kerstin Flath presented the RustWatch project and the first results. Fabio Mascher (Agroscope) then gave a review of the workshops of the case study regions in 2019 and their objectives. The present situation of cereal rusts in Europe was reported by Kerstin Flath and Anne-Kristin Schmitt. Bettina Klocke presented the Crowdsource app, which should involve as many people as possible throughout Germany. The effectiveness of fungicides and alternative methods were then demonstrated (Bettina Klocke and Anne-Kristin Schmitt). Finally, Kerstin Flath pointed out the importance of cultivar resistance for the control of cereal rusts.  Afterwards, topics concerning the present situation, alternative methods and their implementation in practice were discussed and debated in small groups.

Public material from the meeting. Some material are in local language.


Case Study Region Workshop, 2021. Presentations from the meeting