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Soil Physics and Hydropedology

Soil is the basis for life and plays a crucial role with regard to our food security, protection of the environment and climate changes. Cultivated soil is threatened due erosion, soil compaction, loss of soil carbon, and sealing. Soil – the thin and fragile crust of the earth – is complex and not fully understood but scientific research carried out in our section contributes to increased insight into the importance of soil for life on earth. 

The aim of the section is create a basic understanding of soil's physical, chemical and hydrological processes as well as to achieve quantitative insight into the spatial distribution of soil characteristics on a local, regional and national scale. Our wish is to identify cultivation methods that are sustainable with regard to maintenance of soil quality and that minimise undesired impacts on the environment.

Secretary: Karina Rysholt Christensen, e-mail: kch@agro.au.dk, mobile: +45 4071 1132

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Mogens Humlekrog Greve

Section Manager Professor