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Agricultural Systems and Sustainability

The aim of this section is to carry out and disseminate research in improving the sustainability of different farming and food systems in relation to local and global effects. The focus is on the balance between production efficiency, competitiveness, nature and environmental impact, and contribution to the vitality of rural areas. 

Important areas of investigation include looking at how agronomic-biological factors in the systems can be planned and influenced appropriately, what the importance of the organisation of food and agricultural production is, and how appropriate regulation can contribute to sustainable land use.

The primary work method is system analysis based on existing data supplemented with empirical studies, case studies and system development on various scales, including the farm, landscape, food chain and national levels.

The section also deals with indicators that can be used for practical decision-making on these levels in relation to production and its impacts on nature and the environment. Our work also focuses on the special conditions that apply in organic systems, and the integration of crop- and livestock systems.

Secretary: Anne Sofie Nielsen, e-mail: asn@agro.au.dk, telephone: +45 93 50 88 08

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