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Pesticide resistance

Pesticide resistance is a challenge to agriculture in certain crops in which resistance develops in weeds, fungal diseases and pests. We offer to test for resistance to herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. The team at Flakkebjerg offers both in planta tests and bioassays with fungi and insects in a range of organisms as well as molecular biological methods focusing on the mutations that result in changes in susceptibility.

Herbicides: We have seeds from an extensive range of weed species at our disposal and can carry out phenotypic tests.

Fungicides: We have access to an extensive range of fungi which we can screen for resistance. We can also carry out in planta tests for specific species. We test in microtitre plates for susceptibility but can also test for specific mutations on the basis on plant samples showing attack.

Insecticides: With bioassays we can test for the presence of resistance in populations of pests such as rape beetles, flea beetles, aphids, flies and cockroaches, and we can also identify and quantify specific resistance mutations.